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Smokey Bones Gift Card Promotion

Smokey-Bones-gift-card-bonus-bucksThe Smokey Bones gift card promotion is back in time for the holidays! You’ve probably seen the other bonus gift card promotions we’ve posted about on our site recently and we will just add this one to the list! If you don’t know, a bonus gift card promotion is where you purchase a set amount (usually $25, $50, or $100) in gift cards from a restaurant (or company) and get a certain amount in gift cards FREE! You can buy the gift card to give as a Christmas present, and keep the bonus gift card for yourself! They never have to know you got a little bonus for being such an awesome gift giver :) Win-win for everyone!

Smokey Bones Gift Card Promotion:

The way the Smokey Bones gift card promotion works is that if you purchase $50 in Smokey Bones gift cards, you will get $10 in Bonus Bucks back! The Bonus Bucks are your bonus gift card that you get just for purchasing $50 in gift cards there! The Bonus Bucks gift card must be used between January 1st and February 28th. 

I love taking advantage of deals where I get free money just for buying something I’ll probably already use! Hollaaaaa! :) 

Find a Smokey Bones location near you or buy your gift cards online

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Comment below with your favorite Smokey Bones entree, that you plan to get after you have Bonus Bucks in hand of course! And since we’re talkin’ entrees, who’s taking us out to eat after the New Year?! :) (insert us giggling here.)

Costco Black Friday Ad 2014

Costco Black Friday Ad 2014


Costco is one of the stores that has taken a stand and will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but they will still have Black Friday deals… on Friday! Doors will open at 9:00am on Friday November 28th and deals will last through the weekend until November 30th. 

Costco will have deals on the iPad Air, Apple tv, GPS systems, blu-ray players, TVs, cameras, Keurigs, vacuum cleaners, and tons of other miscellaneous electronics. There will be other deals on clothing and other items but the main sales will focus on electronics, both big and small. 

Take a look at the Costco Black Friday ad before you head out shopping!

Shop the Costsco Black Friday deals starting Friday!

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Ways To Save On Christmas Presents


We have crafted a list of ways to save on Christmas presents because pictured above are our adorable kids (minus the new baby!) and we don’t want to set a bad example for them! 

We don’t like to go broke on Christmas. Simple. Yet so many people end up overextending themselves through the holidays and face steep credit card statements come January. If you’re wanting some ways to save on Christmas presents and still provide lots of goodies all around, here are our top 10 11 tips (I couldn’t trim it down to just 10, but hey, that’s ok, because its saving you money, right!?).

Ways to Save on Christmas Presents:

  • Daily Deals sites- check out the deals on daily deals sites like Groupon,, Zulily, AmazonLocal, PlumDistrict, and OneKingsLane and take advantage of the deals offered to get 50-90% off certain items.
  • Use rewards programs – does your credit card company (like mine), insurance company, or workplace offer any kind of rewards program? If so, redeem your points for rewards before Christmas and give them as gifts. Both my insurance company and credit card company offer rewards int he form of gift cards, so I cash in my points to get gift cards and either give them as gifts or use the gift cards to buy gifts. Also, lots of employers offer discounts on local attractions, like discounted movie theater tickets, that make for nice gifts or nice treats during the holiday season.
  • Shop all year long- Christmas shopping for us begins the day after Christmas and is a year-long event. We find deals on items, buy them at their cheapest price and keep them to give as gifts in December. I already have most of my Christmas shopping done and each item was purchased at a very cheap price.
  • Use Swagbucks- Swagbucks is a search engine (like Google) that rewards you (our favorite is Amazon gift cards!) for searching the internet. Redeem your points for gift cards (or other rewards) and use them to buy Christmas presents. This has almost entirely paid for our Christmas the last 2 years (daily deals sites and some Black Friday shopping made up the rest!). Can’t seem to earn very fast? Search everything you need to know, and often. Don’t use your address bar anymore, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the points add up!
  • DIY- see the potential in a dollar store vase but just can’t get over the ugly pattern? Spend the dollar, buy the vase, and invest in some spraypaint, fabric and hotglue, or burlap and get to work. It may mean a lot more to the recipient that its homemade, too. No one has to know it was a dollar!
  • Agree to disagree not exchange gifts- if you have a large extended family and buying gifts for 47 people gets to be too much, take some time before the holidays really get ramped up and talk with certain folks (the adults) and agree to not exchange gifts this year. Worried about what they might think? It doesn’t hurt to bring it up, and you never know, they may be relieved at the prospect of whittling down their list!
  • Draw names- instead of everyone buying for everyone in a large family setting, put everyone’s name in a hat at Thanksgiving and draw one person’s name and buy for that person. Everyone gets a gift (probably better than if you had to buy for everyone!) and that leaves a little more room in the budget for your immediate family.
  • Ditch the wrapping paper- If you’re like us and get the newspaper (or several!) each week, keep them for a few weeks and wrap your gifts with the newspaper (or old All You magazine pages!!). Nothing says “You know you’re a couponer when…” like giving gifts wrapped in newspaper! Hey, add a little twine and its pretty cute if I do say so myself!
  • Make ornaments- Don’t be afraid to get a little crafty, pull out your Hobby Lobby and Michael’s coupons, and make your extended family members a Christmas ornament.
  • Give edible gifts- Who wouldn’t want a tin (from the dollar store) full of homemade sugar cookies? If your family members don’t want them, you can mail them to us :) You can also make a big batch of “puppy chow” or homemade “trail mix” and divide it into cute Christmas bags tied off with some festive ribbon.
  • Use coupons!- some of the year’s hottest toys and movies put coupons out on or their own websites. Don’t worry, when they are released, we’ll let you know!

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Chilis Bonus Gift Cards

Chilis Bonus Gift Cards


You’ve probably seen the other bonus gift card deals that we’ve posted during the holiday seasons and I just got an email that Chilis bonus gift cards are here too! Bonus gift cards are gift cards that you get as a bonus (fancy that!) for buying a certain amount in gift cards to a particular restaurant or store. For every $50 you spend, you will get a bonus $10 from Chili’s!  Here’s what the Chili’s email says:  [Read more…]